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What To Do When You Become A Movie Extra

The Film Process

You’ve submitted for a role, been accepted, went to the fitting, showed up to set at 5 am, gone through wardrobe and makeup and waited several hours in extras holding. 

Now is the time you’ve been waiting for! You’re on a film set with famous actors and are about to take place in the production of a show seen by millions of people!

Patience is a Virtue

A couple of hours into the filming process, your excitement could dim a bit.

One can only hear the same few sentences repeated so many times before it becomes annoying.

So is doing the same thing dozens of times until the director is satisfied with the footage.

And the waiting around – for hours – doing nothing.

Act Respectful

You might have to work out in the blazing heat or freezing cold and do it without complaint.

The film crew may be condescending to you. A nickname for extras is “living furniture”. Basically we show up, shut up, do what we’re told, and go home.

You may also notice a big table loaded with food. Don’t be fooled, those snacks aren’t for you! Just the actors and film crew. The crew will snap at you if you get anywhere near the food (speaking from experience).

Finally, don’t even think about talking to an actor or asking for an autograph unless you want to be sent home and blacklisted from ever working for that film company again. If an actor speaks to you first though, it’s totally okay to respond.

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